John Vanek is a leadership, collaboration, and anti-human trafficking consultant and speaker working with law enforcement agencies, non-governmental and community-based organizations, academic institutions, and private sector companies.

John served 25 years with the San Jose Police Department (retiring in the rank of lieutenant), holds a Master of Arts in Leadership, and is an Adjunct Professor at the Middlebury Institute of International Studies at Monterey.

John focuses on promoting 21st Century Leadership principles and skills and is a nationally-recognized authority on the response to human trafficking. Contact John for his availability to speak at your next conference or event.  Follow John on Twitter!


21st Century Leadership is the contemporary model of leadership traits, skills, and practices. 21st Century Leadership recognizes that in today’s complex and interdependent world leadership is no longer solely the domain of those in positions of authority, but instead is based on relationships and networks which, when effectively created and sustained, allow for all of us to solve difficult problems with greater success. It is a model of leadership which looks beyond the topics of supervision and management, to include critical and adaptive thinking, the importance of collaboration and enhancing relationships, self-awareness, and creating environments where leadership can flourish.

Everyone of us practices leadership, regardless of our rank or position in an organization. How we practice our leadership is the critical difference.

21st Century Leadership trace’s its roots to academic research in the mid-1990’s, but is a body of work with contributions from academia, business, social scientists, and change agents across the globe. It continues to evolve, addressing the needs of our communities, and our world today.