Human Trafficking

The Essential Abolitionist

The Essential Abolitionist is designed to introduce any audience to one of the 21st century’s greatest social justice issues – human trafficking. With an estimated 30 million slaves in the world today, slavery can exist in virtually any community in the United States and has been found in nearly every country in the world. And while we may not realize it, our lives are impacted by slavery and, more importantly, how we live our lives can impact slavery across the globe.

This fascinating program examines both forced labor and commercial sexual exploitation, and the factors that lead to victimization, both globally and within the United States. The challenges in responding to modern slavery are brought to light as the responsibilities and capabilities of law enforcement, victim-services providers, and advocacy groups are explored. Finally, we look at the necessity of collaboration and the skills needed if we desire to make a difference in the fight against slavery in our communities and our world.

The Essential Abolitionist will give you the essential knowledge for understanding the nature and complexity of human trafficking. It will move you with stories of modern slavery and survivors, and those who work to free the enslaved. Finally, it will inspire you to take a role – as small or as large as you like – in the fight against slavery.

       The Essential Abolitionist is designed for college or university audiences and community or faith organizations. It offers positive lessons of vision, leadership, and collaboration that are also appropriate for business or association conferences looking to inform audiences on one of the world’s greatest social justice issues.  (1 hour Keynote speech or conference seminar, or up to 2 hours with an expanded presentation and Q&A.)

“John was a highlighted speaker at our Human Trafficking Awareness Week, here at California State University, Chico. He has a wonderfully relaxed, yet expert presentation style. He was such a great source of knowledge and information for everyone who attended, in particular one attendee from our local police force. Highly recommended for all audiences. He was also very generous with his time. I couldn’t have been more pleased”.  Janja Lalich, Professor of Sociology, Chico State University

Consulting & Technical Assistance

John is available for panel discussions, media interviews, project consulting or technical assistance related to the response to human trafficking, collaboration, and multidisciplinary best-practices. Please inquire with your needs.