The Essential Abolitionist Presentation

John’s companion presentation to The Essential Abolitionist is designed to engage, educate, and inspire audiences of all types; professional, community- and faith-based, civic, and university.

Modern slavery is one of today’s greatest human rights violations – but the work of abolitionists and anti-trafficking organizations is inspiring! John’s presentation helps all audiences understand modern slavery, the challenges in the response, and focuses on the positive message that we can all make a difference. While touching on dark aspects of our world, the presentation is upbeat, inspiring and, at times, even humorous. (Humor is critical for the self-care of every abolitionist!)

The Essential Abolitionist presentation brings clarity to complexity, and will leave every audience with a better, and clearer, understanding of modern slavery. The presentation can be adapted to your needs, but is typically 60-90 minutes, including time for audience questions.

Anti-trafficking organizations who host the event can work with John before the event to highlight the organization’s efforts during the presentation. Anti-trafficking organizations who host a presentation will also receive a portion of book sales at the event. Contact John to learn how The Essential Abolitionist presentation can help your organization engage with your community to support your organization — and the fight against human trafficking!